About Us
Neil Casey's Farm Market & Greenhouses is a family-owned farm business that grows fresh produce and a large variety of quality plants on our farm in Tully, NY.
"We Grow Our Own" quality bedding and vegetable plants, including hanging baskets, herbs and perennials in the spring.

What you need to know to have a successful trip to Neil Casey's Farm Market & Greenhouses:

We do not accept credit or debit cards.  We prefer cash.  But we also accept checks if you live locally and your correct address is on your check and your NY drivers license, which we will need to see.  Please check with the cashier for our complete check policy.

Please leave all pets at home.  We do not allow them in our facility.  If you bring your pets with you, they will have to stay in the car, which will not be good for them on these hot days.  Service animals are allowed.

Please wear sturdy footwear, not open toed shoes or high heels.  Most of our facility is gravel, which can be wet when we get a lot of rain.

We do provide boxes and bags for your purchases, but feel free to bring your own, especially reusable tote bags.

We do take back and recycle our empty pots and trays when you are done with them.  Please bring them into the store on your next trip.  Do not leave them in our driveway when we are closed.

Please mind the signs that say Employees Only or Keep Out.  Please do not enter areas that are chained off.  This is for your safety.  Please respect the owners privacy and our neighbors privacy.

Please do not approach our farm animals.

Please check our Facebook page or website for our days and hours of operation before you visit as they do change with the seasons.

Thank You!

We have everything to get your garden started in the spring. We have seeds, seed potatoes, onion sets, fertilizer, lime, germinination mix, potting soil, gardening soil, top soil, composted manure, OCRRA compost, mushroom compost, mulches, peat moss, straw, play sand, floral moss, cactus soil, peat pots, plastic containers and hanging baskets, landscape fabric and plastic mulch, water soluble fertilizer including Petunia feed, hose attachments, copper tomato dust for blight prevention, heavy duty tomato cages.

In the fall we have lots of fresh produce, most of it grown on our farm.  We also have mums, pumpkins, gourds and many other items for fall decorating.

After Thansgiving we have Christmas trees, wreaths, white pine garland, centerpieces and poinsettias. Our trees are drilled for the Stand Strait Christmas tree stand, but can go in a regular stand as well.  Christmas wreaths are handmade with choices of fraser fir, white pine, boxwood or mixed greens.  Several sizes of poinsettias are available.

Gift Certificates are available in any amount.

We advertise in the Hi-Neighbor, F-M Eagle Bulletin, Cazenovia Republican,  Cortland Area Tribune, and the Cortland Standard when we are open.

We do not accept credit or debit cards.  

We do accept cash or local, personal checks with matching NYS driver's license.  Please see cashier for our complete check policy. We reserve the right to refuse any check.

Our days and hours do change with the seasons, so please check the website or call us before coming over.



Variety of cherry tomatoes 

Flowering kale and cabbage 

Thank you for supporting local businesses!